Actress, author


I have been an actress for 10 years now. This job allows me to explore all the facets of my personality. I like to embody all these characters and give them a life, a story.

My career started in 2012 with a first role in LES CAPRICES adapt. A feature film of Alfred De Musset’s play. Then, I left school and I paced up and down film sets. I have had a lot of experiences in very different films and artistic universes. I think that’s what makes my career so rich.

Since 2017, I have been developing my career in the audiovisual industry and collaborating with productions such as M.E.S productions, Monkey pack films

When I embody a character I try to bring him to life through a story, I will explore all the facets of his personality. My curiosity leads me to take an interest in many things, and sometimes I combine several elements to give life to a single character.

“ I let myself be driven by my instinct, my creativity. It’s very exciting! 

Moreover, whatever the stage of advancement, I take pleasure in every moment. For me, everything is an occasion to create: the world of the scenario, the sets… I observe all the dimensions of a scenario, and take the project as a whole when I explore a character. If I lack some elements, I will draw on my creativity. I feed on a lot of images and videos when I create.

This job started with a theatrical approach, then I quickly got involved in the film sets. For me, nothing compares the pleasure to play.

“ I only want to talk about cinema, why talk about something else. With cinema we can talk about everything, we get to everything ”. Godard




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